Château de La Redorte
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Elegant, light homes that lift the soul

The properties on offer at the development include sophisticated apartments within the château itself and a number of ‘duplex’ homes which line either side of the estate’s pool.

Some of these properties have their own gardens and terraces and a private pool is an option with many. All provide superb views of the château and its manicured gardens, the soft terracotta rooves of the village, and beyond to the Canal du Midi with its panoply of Plane trees winding into the distance.

Nothing is more stylish
than authenticity

A top team of architects and designers worked together to create a look and feel for the estate that is very much in keeping with the heritage of the château, as well as the relaxed spirit of the local region. Traditional materials such as stone, wood, terracotta and forged iron have been fashioned into homes of clean modern lines that feel very light and natural. Similarly, furniture and furnishings have been chosen specifically to echo the relaxed, understated elegance of the château and its estate.

Large windows and high ceilings ensure all that wonderful Mediterranean light and warmth just pours into each of these homes.

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View floor plansTo view floor plans and prices of the remaining properties at the Château de La Redorte development, click here.